Hello there, I’m Kyrie Kohlhagen, a self-employed creative who shares a large retro home with my husband and our two cats in Adelaide, South Australia.

I originally started this Retro Delights blog back in June 2009 as a personal record of things that I adore, but since then we have embarked on our own big renovation project – restoring our 1959 abode back to it’s former glory. So this website is all about sharing and celebrating our D.I.Y renovation achievements… a collection of wonderful retro finds & all that inspires me in my creative work!

I also love to share new vintage shops, vintage eye-candy, plus some projects from around my home to turn the old into new. Ooooh, and you may just spot the odd treasure to purchase.

I look forward to one day reading this blog when all the hard work is done, to look back over our renovation antics and all the quirky things that crossed our path when trying to save little parts of our history. 

Thank you for visiting and following our renovation story!