Aspiring Mimimalist

February 09, 2018


Over time we have accumulated a lot of stuff because living in a large house means we physically have the room for it - work stuff and personal stuff. We love our home but these things are now making us feel overwhelmed, weighed down and unhappy. Our cupboards contain things we don't actually need or use anymore. We spend a lot of time moving stuff around just to do simple house cleaning! We constantly loose things amongst the chaos, and more recently we admitted to each other we are embarrassed to have people over.

It's time to get our home and life back before the stuff completely owns us!


We have created a dedicated instagram account to act as a platform to sell and also gift our random belongings. I've been a collector of vintage and retro for many years, so I decided to find an easy way to sell a few things (at a good price) rather than just give it all away. We do have some valuable bits and bobs, and any money collected will help us with our current house renovation projects.

So I stay focused and on track, I wanted to keep this process as streamlined as possible - we will post items up for grabs on Instagram as we sort through each room. A few simple photos, description and the price. Simple!

The Aspiring Minimalist instagram feed will also become a record of our journey and a photographic keepsake of the sentimental items that will be a little harder for us to let go.

Thank you for helping us to reach our goal to banish overwhelm and to transform our large home into a minimalistic haven - kind of like 'tiny house' living but in a big space!

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