R.I.P. Challenger Deluxe

August 18, 2014

The original "Pool Room"
When we purchased our home at Auction in April 2011, after the fall of the hammer we discovered that we also suddenly owned a pool table. I initially had mixed feelings about this because where the pool table sat, I actually had other plans for that space. But I also love playing pool!

Being the vintage lover that I am, I decided to hold onto the pool table for a while, play a few games of snooker, and use it as a work bench. I wanted to see if I could make this work after all.
Challenger Deluxe
But unfortunately for the "Challenger Deluxe", there came the time where it was just not that practical to have in my design studio. It was taking up so much room and I was restricted with how I could arrange in the space.

So after much thought and about 1.5 years of leaving it sit there, we decided it was time it had to go. However this posed to be a big problem because it would not fit down the stairs - plus we couldn't lift it! The only solution was to dismantle it, but after checking this out we realised this would be a difficult thing to do without damaging it.

The only option really was to pull it apart with the risk of damaging it, but to try and salvage the slate top and use that in the garden somewhere.

The sad job of breaking the Challenger Deluxe down
So we hired a skip bin, and Denis started to carefully dismantle the table. Then to our surprise we discovered the slate top was not actually one piece of slate, rather a concrete compound of some sort which was not really worth saving for the garden after all. It crumbled and broke up into small pieces.

So in  the end we sadly had to go against our beliefs of trying to SAVE EVERYTHING and the poor Challenger Deluxe ended up in the skip.

The End. :-(

PS this 'pool room' is currently being transformed into a lounge and Pilates/meditation space. Will share renovation update once it's complete!

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