Mixing the old with the new...

August 28, 2014

Ok, so I've been spending a bit of time designing the perfect wardrobe using the PAX Storage Planner on the IKEA website. I have to admit I love this IKEA storage solution, but I am not that keen on the range of wardrobe doors available. For this reason, I decided we would build and use the wardrobe initially without doors. 

Then at the same time I decided I would see if there were any cool retro furniture handles up for sale on e-bay. And look at what I found...This collection of 30 retro furniture handles for only $10!!! Yes $10 (not a typo!) The collection includes 5 different sets and they are all in awesome condition. What a score!!

My thought process was, "ok buy them, they are only $10, and if not right for the wardrobe it doesn't matter", but to my delight they are really cool and it now solves my question about what doors to put on our new wardrobe. Any of these handles will look great with a plain white door so that is the plan.


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