Hallway Reno - Stage 2

January 26, 2013

Knowing we had a date set for the photoshoot for our Inside Out Magazine feature certainly gave us the extra nudge to complete the hallway. It is the central part of the house, so I thought it was a must if we were to have some nice long photos in the article to help connect the rooms.

Denis said that out of the Kitchen / Laundry reno this was actually the hardest. (I wonder if that is because I didnt help him much with this one - hehe!)

The process was to remove the wallpaper and prep the walls for painting. This took ages because being an 'L-shaped' space there were more walls here than a standard room, lot's of surfaces to cover! We had a water leak that damaged the ceiling from the bathroom above so that also needed to be repaired.

As you can see by the photos a simple touch of paint has absolutely made the world of difference... especially the wooden louver cupboard doors now being white means they are not a 'feature' that catches your eye as you walk past.

The next stage was to remove the carpet from the stairs, and we assumed this would be a simple thing. Well yes, pulling up the carpet was easy, but tidying up the hardwood on the stairs became a nightmare. Denis spent 6 full days filling, removing paint and sanding each step by hand. I have to admit I really admire his stamina to complete the job. If it was me I would have given up after one step! I am not 100% sure the kind of wood but we think the steps might be Jarrah.

So now our hallway and stairwell are light and bright - lovely! See the full set of 'work in progress' photos here >


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  1. Wow, looks awesome! Can't wait to see your home featured in the mag. Sammi... :)

  2. Thanks Sammi! It certainly has been the most rewarding project! xx