First Appearances

December 17, 2012

Many say when preparing a home for sale you should start with the front door because first appearances are so important. No, we are not selling our home, but we did think was time to spruce up our door after living with the not so nice mission brown and screen since moving in 18 months ago. The magazine photo shoot was also the perfect excuse to get onto this project!

Living near the beach, it was obvious to me that perhaps the cliche of a blue door wasn't such a bad idea. Kind of made sense considering our exterior walls are the colour of a sand dune! So a beachy colour with a retro twist was in order...

The final colour choice being Wattle's Canabria is a beautiful fresh aqua that spells out "sea breeze". It is similar to the blue hues that were rather popular during the 1950s-1960s.

We are very very happy with the results. First impressions - looking mighty fine I say!


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