The Key

November 23, 2012

The Key
Blame the key I say... yes that is what sold me on this teak Fler Sideboard. The turning mechanism makes the coolest sound when you lock and unlock the door. Kind of clunky sounding but retro cool. I just had to have this key, so lucky I liked the sideboard that came with it!
Original Fler Teak Sideboard
A little collection displayed on the Sideboard.
Fler Teak Sideboard
Bits and bobs in the hallway...
• Fler teak sideboard from Lou's Shed in Unley
• Painting by Artist Carey Potter
• Eames replica (sorry not original) hat/coat wall mounted rack
• Crazy looking plant from IKEA and plant stand a second hand find
• West German Vases from EBAY and North Adelaide Vintage & Fashion Fair 
• Hoop artwork by Gretel Girl
• Giant peg from Hobart Museum shop
• Vintage glass bottle - my Mum found this at the dump before I was born. I used to roll around on it when I was a kid!
• Original 1950s wall light
• Wall painted in Dulux Pale Tendril Quarter


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