Sweaters for shivering teapots!

November 17, 2012

Tucked down a little side lane off Hindley Street you will find the sweetest gallery, tea house come magazine specialty store called Magazine Gallery! I'd heard so much about this place through my tea blender friend Cherie (from Scullery Made Tea), so when I saw the exhibition "Folk Art Fanfare" pop up in my new feed on Facebook, I was already there!

The exhibition was to feature the crafty skills of Adelaide's Yarn Bombers and their take on the modern tea cosy. I invited two lady friends who I knew would appreciate a display of handmade wooly sweaters for teapots to wear on cold evenings.

My Favourite "Pineapple Frenzy"
Adorable - Sold with the teapot too!
"Itsy bitsy, teeny weeny..."
"Lamington" by my friend Kate
Magazine Gallery "Folk Art Fanfare" Event
To our delight we were also treated to a selection of cocktails (Gin or Pimm's), served in more cutely dressed teapots! Teapots teapots everywhere! Unfortunately the little sweater I fell for, "Pineapple Frenzy" was already sold when we arrived. Brilliant event idea though, through and through. Bravo!
Magazine Gallery
Clubhouse Lane
(Just off Hindley Street) Adelaide
(08) 8212 3773 


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