Vintage Inspired Linocuts

May 15, 2012

My Print Featuring Georgia's Living Room
The Original Lino
Artist's Tools
My friend Georgia Cheesman is a wee bit talented in the area of lino printmaking! Her style very much focuses around reproducing interior spaces - a pretty cool subject! Previous works have included private interiors from the Croydon area, as well as a detailed series of the Wheatsheaf Hotel called 'Before the Crowd'. She is currently planning her next exhibition which will feature a collection of creative studios/work spaces.

Georgia shares my love of mid-century furniture design and decorating, so this style is often found in her compositions. I am the proud owner of a piece from her very first exhibition, Georgia's own living room, and I must say it really is the perfect match to my own retro interior. 

If you would like to have a try at creating your own Linocut artwork, Georgia runs an evening art class throughout the year at Ruth Tuck Art School in Burnside. See the website for details >


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