Kitchen Before & After

May 25, 2012

Light, bright and happy space to work in!
Looking back towards the laundry.
Finally our kitchen reno is complete... and I can't tell you how happy we are with the end result.

It was a challenging project, with us undertaking the design, electrical, plumbing, tiling, plastering, painting, building, installation etc. We did employ the services of our floor sander guy to keep our floors consistent throughout the house.

Definitely a hard room to configure considering there are two doors and two windows to work around. But I am pleased with the layout, and the fact that we managed to preserve one wall of the original wallpaper! My big sparkly new white stove is also a winner!

Incorporating my old meat safe was a brilliant idea. It breaks up the white, but it also adds a bit of character helping the kitchen to not look so modular!

So overall, all I can say is happy happy joy joy. Thank you to my clever husband Denis for all his hard work and long hours to complete this tip top job! Love ya!

Take the photo tour here >

PS: Cupboards, shelving, bench tops, sink, tap and handles all IKEA.

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