Vladimir Tretchikoff

April 24, 2012

Vladimir Tretchikoff is sadly no longer with us but a quick visit to numerous websites via Google will very quickly show support for his ultra kitsch and now vintage artworks. Many of Tretchikoff's most famous works were completed in the 1950s-1960s, so it is understandable why there is a new generation of people now adding these artworks to their mid-century home decor.

Chinese Girl
My first sighting of a Tretchikoff print (Chinese Girl) was in the home of one of my friends in Auckland. At the time I was curious of the art choice, but I have to admit it did look amazing in a room that had touches of glam, and a high quality reproduction gold/mustard modular couch!

Lady from Orient
One of his most famous works, the print above titled 'Lady from Orient'. I have even started to spot this artwork on cushions and coffee mugs of all things! But to be respectful to the artist, if you are looking at purchasing a reproduction for yourself do visit the authentic Tretchikoff website. The website also has an amazing Bio in a timeline format that steps through Tretchikoff's life in great detail.

Lost Orchid
I have also discovered that Tretchikoff was a very innovative marketeer in his day too. Tretchikoff was the first artist to make and sell lithographic reproductions of his work, making it affordable and accessible to the ordinary person. At the time, art critics objected, saying he was devaluing and commercialising art. To which he responded, "Why should my art only be available to the rich and famous? I want everyone to enjoy my art." 

 "Express your passion. Do what you love. No matter what." 
- Vladimir Tretchikoff

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