Quirky Terrarium Project

April 02, 2012

I found this clock in an op shop and instantly thought, 
"Hmmm, I could make a quirky terrarium out of you!"
Step One - Pull the clock apart so you are left with only the base and glass dome.
Step Two - To clean up the base, I used black spray paint. 
Depending on your decor choose any colour!
Step Three - Give the base a coat of paint in a well ventilated area and leave to dry.
Step Four - Gather a small amount of artificial moss to cover the base.
Step Five - Once the paint has dried pile the artificial moss on top of the base.
Step Six - Choose a miniature to sit on top of the moss.
Step Seven - Position the miniature in the center of the base.
Step Eight - Wash the glass dome and sit on top of the base.

And there you have it, a Quirky Terrarium! You can buy bases and the glass domes new but they can be a bit pricey, so keep a look out for some old clocks in your local op shop.

Here's what you will need:
1. Glass dome and base - maybe from an old clock (mine cost $7.99 from an op shop)
2. Artificial moss (I bought mine from ebay for $5 + postage)
3. Spray paint any colour
4. Cute critter to live in your terrarium


(Cute hoop artwork by Gretel Girl)

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