Decisions decisions....

March 09, 2012

We could hang this shelf here with our clock above it.
Currently quite an open space with a print hanging between the two windows.

Or my original plan was to hang the shelf here on the wall paper wall. Now I am not sure which...

I think I have been looking at this kitchen for way too long now and am struggling with this simple decision of where to hang the shelf. I found this retro shelf at Vintage Carousel, and have been waiting for the perfect spot to hang it. Problem is, I now have two options.

At the moment I have the print hanging between the windows, but am starting to think that maybe the shelf might look cool there instead. My original plan was to hang the shelf on the wallpaper wall, but want to make sure I am 100% sure before I do, because we will make holes in the paper!

So what do you think? I know this is a hard question, considering you can only judge this by looking at the pics - physically being in the space makes such a difference too. But hopefully my model Denis has helped a little bit!

I plan to use the shelf to display some of my random retro finds - so it's purely decorative. Look forward to your feedback...


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