True Country Style

February 16, 2012

Country Style Feb 2012
Cherie & Damien top left. My rustic hard rubbish ladder found a home in their bedroom!
Absolutely adore the custom made kitchen cabinets to match one of the original kitchen cupboards
The warm and welcoming rustic kitchen
I'm so excited to see my dear friends Damien and Cherie featured in this months Country Style Magazine - and what a beautiful spread. The old ladder I once found in hard rubbish, now resides in the bedroom displaying old books.

My favourite room of the home has to be the rustic kitchen. An eclectic mix of furniture from different eras past, mixed with a bit of modern. I have spent many an evening being treated to some of the best food that I've ever eaten from this cute kitchen. Cherie and Damien always put so much love into their cooking, and I believe this is probably their favourite room too!

This country abode is also the home of Scullery Made Tea! If you are not a tea drinker (yet), try Scullery Made and you will definitely be converted! The "Wine and Roses" blend is fantastic chilled and served from a vintage punch bowl. Great idea for when you have friends over for dinner (or lunch) and want to impress or try something a bit different!

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