Dreams Turn into Rubble

January 05, 2012

It Begins
The jaws go straight in...
No mercy...
Dreams turned to rubble.
The sun was shinning, but there seemed to be a grey cloud hovering over my street today. Sadly the house 2 doors down from us was demolished. I walked past a couple of times to take the photos above, and felt an overwhelming sense of sadness coming from the remains of this home.

It is amazing to think that this lovely home was once someone's life dream, would have probably taken months to build, and yet within a few short hours the only thing remaining is a pile of rubble.

I was disappointed to know that the owners and demo company in charge did not salvage anything from the building. I don't understand why, there were beautiful floor boards, windows, solid wood internal doors, and the original 1950s bathroom with pink tiles and blue bath! Oh yeah, did I mention all of the original hardwood and stone that would have been useful for other building projects. WHAT A WASTE!

On the weekend I went through the house. The blinds and light fittings were still all in place and there was a cute little sewing room with 1950s cupboards and laminate bench. I was imagining the previous owner sitting at the little bench sewing up a storm.

Sorry, no inside photos as it was getting dark when I was sneaking through. The house was crying out to me for help and I felt absolutely helpless - after all, I was kind of trespassing and there was little I could do. I did manage to salvage a couple of things but will talk more about that in a future post.

This land is now the future dream of a new couple with plans to build a brand new home.

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