Laundry Before and After

December 18, 2011

Finally our laundry reno is complete apart from a couple minor changes (tiles). I am so pleased with how it has come together and it is exactly how I visualised it to be. We have set up the laundry as a mini kitchenette while we work on the kitchen. It is handy to have the sink and storage... the fridge will live in the lounge for a while, and we can work around the oven still connected when pulling the kitchen apart!

We had a "Reverse Osmosis" filter system fitted by Filter King. It is the tastiest and cleanest water which means I will now drink more (a good thing) and also our tea and coffee will taste the best.

Cupboards, shelving, bench tops, sink, tap and handles all IKEA. Once the kitchen is together I plan to paint the kick boards charcoal, just to give it that little extra lift.

We decided to paint the back of the door in chalkboard paint so we can keep lists and write messages to each other. I sent Denis down to the hardware store to grab the paint, and without looking he accidentally grabbed "Green" chalkboard paint! We decided to go for it anyway. We can always paint over it with the black version later... but it is growing on me. Lucky it is a nice green, plus we do have a bit of a green theme going on throughout the house!

I think the floor tiles look great, I am glad we left them original. They just bring another texture to the room. We now just need to tile around the skirting and behind the sink - will probably go for a plain square white tile.

Everytime I walk through the laundry now I feel like I am in a different house. Everything so sparkly and new! View more photos here. More will be added once this room is an actual laundry not temporary kitchen!

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