It Begins!

May 11, 2011

We picked up the keys to our Retro Abode last Monday and so the work has begun. Denis and I are so excited, it is still sinking in that we are now home owners and can't believe our score!

Our first job was to remove the carpet downstairs in preparation for the floor sander to do his thing this week. So Denis went to work Tuesday night. It is amazing what a difference it has made already by exposing the pine floor boards. I can't wait to see the floor finished! I also took down all the old net curtains. The rooms are now light and bright and open.

We have decided to transform one of the back bedrooms into a cosy TV room. Our plan is to install some bi-fold doors to create an indoor-outdoor flow to the back garden.

To start the transformation Denis removed the built in wardrobes. This room will eventually be painted because the wallpaper has faded in some areas. Even though the paper is pretty groovy, it is a bit much pattern for one room! Being the south west side of the house this room is asking for light walls!


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