Prop Envy

December 08, 2010

I had my friend Georgia over this week to do a photo shoot of her gorgeous lino cut prints for some promo material. Many of Georgia's prints feature retro styled interiors so I delved into my wooden trunk full of retro goodness, and pulled out a heap of objects to use as props alongside the prints.

Georgia has a visual merchandising background and inspired me by the way she was arranging everything. I found myself looking at my random belongings through different eyes, and now am determined to find new homes for them around my lounge room. So the wooden trunk is now called the Prop Box! The props complimented Georgia's designs so well. Georgia did say that she had Prop Envy!

Next project...we are going to do a photo shoot just for fun of all my retro collections to add to the Retro Delights Website. Maybe a fun task for the holidays.

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