Retro Bullet Planter

November 11, 2010

"Bullet" planters take their name from their conical bowl shape. Nested in a steel tripod stand, they appear almost ready for take-off. First manufactured in mid-20th century America, the planters reflected the era's fascination with all things "space age" and "modern."

Technological advancements in the 1950’s opened up new avenues for designers, allowing them to build light, durable objects with curves, lines, and integral colors not possible with traditional materials. Fiberglass-reinforced resin was especially popular. Used early-on in crash helmets, this fire-resistant, waterproof material was introduced into a wide variety of household objects from colorful lamp shades, to the classic Eames shell chair, to the ubiquitous bullet planter. Equally suited to a Modernist urban apartment as to the era’s new crop of "atomic ranch" suburban homes, the colorful planters with were an instant classic.

Flash forward 50 years, Mid-century Modern design has earned its place history and continues to thrive in the form of high-quality reproductions. The Retro Bullet Planter by Hip Haven™ is faithful to its predecessors in shape, texture, color and quality. Available in 16 colors and three heights, these delightful retro planters provide the finishing touches to round out mid-century influenced interiors, while at the same time harmonizing with a wide range of other decorative styles.

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