Outdoor Furniture Revival

December 28, 2009

We found this outdoor furniture on the side of the road during our council hard rubbish collection, (yes we are scavengers!!!) and just couldn't see it end up at the tip. So after pondering for a while on colours and 3 pots of paint later ($90 worth), here are the results. Denis and I think we are likely to keep this set forever! We are now on the hunt for a similar set so we have more chairs.

Considering we live near the beach this outdoor furniture is perfect as we don't have to worry about weather damage because it was free! Plus it was a fun project!


What else did we find during hard rubbish collection?
- Mid century lounge / day bed (to be restored)
- a perfectly good spade
- some artificial grass that I now use as a feature on my table at markets
- 2 x beach umbrellas
- outdoor coffee table (pictured above), and bench
- wooden boxes to display greeting cards
- a dust cover for my guillotine
- a door to make a work bench in the garage
- 6 x louver doors to make a card stand and headboard for our bed (still a project to do)
- 5 x deck chairs
- an old ornate picture frame

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