Our Retro Abode...

September 27, 2009

We have just moved into this gorgeous 1940s-1950s rental property which is still in original condition - untouched with no nasty 1990s renovations. This is a rare find. The kitchen is so so cute with the original latches on the cupboard doors, a tiny sink, and marble design green bench tops.

The bathroom features original tiles, basin, bath and floor. It has taken a bit to get used to having a shower curtain again but we are managing. Lucky it's just the two of us as the old hot water service in the roof doesn't hold a great deal of water!!

Unfortunately, the green handbasin in the bathroom has a crack through it so it will need replacing at some stage soon. So if anyone has a similar basin they would like to part with in the same green then please let me know as we really want to preserve the retro ambiance of this property.

Kitchen - no dishwasher!

Our old bus blind looks a treat in the kitchen too.

Original slate floor but painted green!

Loving the colour scheme in the Bathroom too.

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