"Brian" - our 1979 Sprite Caravan

July 05, 2009

Denis and I decided to buy a retro caravan for weekend getaways exploring the New Zealand country side. We also thought it would be a fun project to slowly restore a retro caravan back to it's original condition.

So we bought this 1979 Sprite Caravan on TradeMe from an elderly gentleman who used it for whitebait fishing trips. I named the caravan 'Brian' after an old mate of mine, and in the end we didn't have to change anything on the inside. Brian was in great condition and included the original light shades, orange squabs, formica cupboards etc. He was just longing for a new paint job externally. So so cute.

We certainly turned heads wherever we went towing Brian, and had heaps of requests from veteran caravaners asking for a squiz inside.

Unfortunately when we moved to Australia Brian couldn't come with us. Luckily we found a new owner who had plans to respray the exterior and restore Brian to his former glory.

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