Retro Delights


“Brian” – our 1979 Sprite Caravan

Denis and I decided to buy a retro caravan for weekend getaways exploring the New Zealand country side. We also thought it would be a fun project to slowly restore a retro caravan back to it’s original condition. So we bought this 1979 Sprite Caravan on TradeMe from an elderly gentleman  ...

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Trellis Tiles

I bought this retro tile set from “Trade Me” for about $120 thinking that I would create a groovy feature wall in my studio. This is classic… Absolutely love the marketing blurb on the box! Unfortunately I never got around to using them so sold them on.

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Furniture, Restoration

Chair Reno

I have a bit of a fetish with chairs so thought I would post a couple of my recovering projects. These chairs were purchased from TradeMe, a New Zealand based trading site Chair Project No. 1Cost me $22 for two arm chairs, and I recovered them with fabric from IKEA, using approx 2M of fabric  ...

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