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Mixing the old with the new…

Ok, so I’ve been spending a bit of time designing the perfect wardrobe using the PAX Storage Planner on the IKEA website. I have to admit I love this IKEA storage solution, but I am not that keen on the range of wardrobe doors available. For this reason, I decided we would build and use the wardrobe initially without doors. Then at the same time I decided I would see if there were any cool retro furniture handles up for sale on e-bay. And look at what I found…This collection of  ...

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Quick as a Flash Bedroom Renovation

When we were asked to have a feature in Inside Out Magazine, I knew that they would like a bedroom pic included in the spread. Ahhhh one problem… our bedroom was not looking so great. So with the photo shoot approaching rather quickly I convinced Denis that we needed to tackle at least one bedroom in the house. Being the amazing guy that he is, he agreed and so we got stuck in. Yes another room of wallpaper that was tired and had to go. I took heaps of photos of the wall paper being  ...

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Denis’s Studio Reno – Part 2

If you haven’t already, why not check out Part 1 of this blog post… Home made infinity wall! Besides our kitchen renovation, our garage conversion would have to be one of the biggest transformations we have seen at our place. It took a couple of months, working on weekends with a few late nights thrown in here and there, and now I am happy to say Denis’s new photo studio is fully functional! I am so amazed with Denis’s stamina, fitting this in and around his  ...

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The Furniture with a Future!

These would have to be my favourite chairs! I bought them about 6 years ago in Auckland for $12 a piece. The brand is AIREST – ‘The Furniture with a Future’. They are definitely keepers, not only because they are sooooo comfy, they are also the easiest design to recover for a completely different look. So when we moved back to Australia they had to come for the ride! The first time I recovered the chairs I used IKEA fabric, and it was my first ever attempt at recovering  ...

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Denis’s Studio Reno – Part 1

Visual Storyboard – the overall look and feel of the space! Exciting news, we are currently half way through our garage renovation to convert it into a photographic studio. Denis and I both work from home, and we are lucky we have enough space to have our own dedicated work areas! I currently work upstairs, and this wonderful space is going to be Denis’s pad. Lucky boy! When we bought our home, it was always in the plan to convert the garage, so 2 years on it is exciting to see  ...

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