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A blissful life in Adelaide

 Life in Adelaide in the 1960s! A short film made by The Commonwealth Film Unit 1966 and directed by James Jeffrey. This is a brilliant snapshot of what things were like around Adelaide at this time. See local landmarks including King William St, North Tce, the hills and beaches, fashion, dining, shopping, gorgeous architecture, and even the The Popeye on the Torrens! Toodle-pip,

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Magazine Photo Shoot

We had the best day yesterday. After 4 months of narrowing down a date we had our photo shoot for a feature spread in interiors magazine Inside Out. There is nothing like having an incentive like this to get a few extra things done around the house! Actually, it was epic what we achieved in those 4 months. We managed to finish our bedroom, the hallway, the stairs (which took 6 full days), plus 24 hrs before the shoot we decide to pull up the carpet in the Messagemark studio and paint all  ...

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Trackside Breaky

On the weekend Denis and I were delighted to visit the very first pop up “Breakfast Rave” held in the Barossa Valley. Organised by my dear friend Cherie, along a team of like minded foodies from the Barossa, the Rave is a spontaneous community event expected to pop up in various iconic Barossa locations. Sunday’s event was held at the Angaston Train Station. No longer in use, it was the perfect backdrop for this sustainable breakfast affair. I love the fact that a new  ...

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