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New Work Digs – a bit of a distraction?

After spending the last five years working from home, I decided it was time to mix things up and look for a new environment to work from. Ok that is not totally true… if I am to be 100% honest here, my main motivations to work away from home were: + I was starting to feel a bit trapped within the walls of my house + I was needing a clearly defined separation between my work, study and home life + The days would roll by, weekends would come and go, and I started to feel like I was  ...

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A blissful life in Adelaide

 Life in Adelaide in the 1960s! A short film made by The Commonwealth Film Unit 1966 and directed by James Jeffrey. This is a brilliant snapshot of what things were like around Adelaide at this time. See local landmarks including King William St, North Tce, the hills and beaches, fashion, dining, shopping, gorgeous architecture, and even the The Popeye on the Torrens! Toodle-pip,

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Denis’s Studio Reno – Part 2

If you haven’t already, why not check out Part 1 of this blog post… Home made infinity wall! Besides our kitchen renovation, our garage conversion would have to be one of the biggest transformations we have seen at our place. It took a couple of months, working on weekends with a few late nights thrown in here and there, and now I am happy to say Denis’s new photo studio is fully functional! I am so amazed with Denis’s stamina, fitting this in and around his  ...

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Message in a Bottle

Vintage bottle found at the Dump over 40 years ago! Mum discovered this bottle wrapped in an old cane basket at her local rubbish dump about 40 years ago. Actually I think she was pregnant with me at the time… (do the math) – Anyway, she asked the guy at the dump if she could have it, and it ended up being proudly displayed in our living room for my entire family life. Both my sisters and I used to roll around on it on the carpet when we were very little. I borrowed this  ...

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Gigantic Slide Rule!

Denis and I own this gigantic slide rule (like most normal couples, not!). We had it sitting outside when moving house and our neighbour spotted it! Being an ex school principal he was absolutely fascinated by our large version of a slide rule. He promptly brought over his mini version (actually normal size) and to our delight we discovered they were the same brand “ARISTO”. Perhaps our version was originally used as a teaching aid in university. Any ideas?

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