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New Work Digs – a bit of a distraction?

After spending the last five years working from home, I decided it was time to mix things up and look for a new environment to work from. Ok that is not totally true… if I am to be 100% honest here, my main motivations to work away from home were: + I was starting to feel a bit trapped within the walls of my house + I was needing a clearly defined separation between my work, study and home life + The days would roll by, weekends would come and go, and I started to feel like I was  ...

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Emotional Retro Roller Coaster

$1 Reserve – “Three Chairs” OMG, I was scouting eBay about a month ago and look what I spotted. I couldn’t believe my eyes… $1 reserve, based in Adelaide and a listing titled “3 x chairs”. Yes these were the real deal. My opportunity to finally own an original *Featherson – 3 in fact! Anyway, when I placed my auto bid, there was one other bidder and so the bid climbed to $25 with me being in the lead. So it appeared the other bidder  ...

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Rockefeller Crush!

This week I discovered a new cafe called Rockefeller Cafe + Kitchen that recently opened in my neighbourhood. To my delight it is full of the most amazing collection of 1950s kitchen tables and chairs. So today I thought I would go down and test out my new camera, and as predicted absolutely no shortage of cool photo opportunities! As a “welcome to the neighbourhood gift” I gave the owners Georgia and Maria a set of my Good Health retro posters, so we may see some Retro Delights  ...

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Mini Designer Chairs

Our new range of miniature designer chairs are now available in store at Retro Delights! If you have a chair fetish like me then maybe these might help. Just like when you were a kid collecting stickers, rocks, feathers and stamps, now you can collect chairs but in a grown up kind of way. Each chair is sold individually so you can pick and choose as you grow your collection! A complete celebration of the designers who were well ahead of their time. Unique, inspiring and basically totally  ...

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The Yellow Chair

I spotted this chair during the Henley Beach hard rubbish collection last month and straight away it reminded me of the bamboo style chairs recently featured in Real Living Magazine. I was inspired so grabbed it! One can of yellow spray paint later and I’m pretty happy with the result. Not quite the same as the chairs featured in Real Living (above), but not the price tag either! I decided to go with yellow, a happy spring colour, also seems to be the thing at the moment in interiors  ...

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Chair Fetish

Last night Denis and I did a quick drive by the Hard Rubbish collection in Henley Beach and started a new chair collection. Once we got started we couldn’t stop! Back in NZ I had a chair fetish, and at one stage owned 36 dining chairs!!! Don’t ask why, I just like the design of chairs.(I am lucky I have a very patient and tolerant husband). We sold them all before moving back to Australia, and now suddenly my collection has grown again! Anyway, I am keeping these teak chairs for  ...

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