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Vintage Inspired Linocuts

My Print Featuring Georgia’s Living Room The Original Lino Artist’s Tools My friend Georgia Cheesman is a wee bit talented in the area of lino printmaking! Her style very much focuses around reproducing interior spaces – a pretty cool subject! Previous works have included private interiors from the Croydon area, as well as a detailed series of the Wheatsheaf Hotel called ‘Before the Crowd’. She is currently planning her next exhibition which will feature a  ...

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Vladimir Tretchikoff

Vladimir Tretchikoff is sadly no longer with us but a quick visit to numerous websites via Google will very quickly show support for his ultra kitsch and now vintage artworks. Many of Tretchikoff’s most famous works were completed in the 1950s-1960s, so it is understandable why there is a new generation of people now adding these artworks to their mid-century home decor. Chinese Girl My first sighting of a Tretchikoff print (Chinese Girl) was in the home of one of my friends in  ...

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