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Palm Springs in the Barossa! [Part 2]

I was so thrilled when Fiona invited me for a visit to have a V.I.P. tour of what she refers to as “Her own little version of Palm Springs in the Barossa!” It is exciting to share with you this amazing makeover, but first to fully appreciate the heart and soul that went into it, make sure you check out my previous post with the before photos here >  Saturday morning the perfect day for taking the 1 hour drive to the Barossa Valley from Adelaide. I woke up early eager to  ...

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Architecture, Renovation, Restoration

Palm Springs in the Barossa! [Part 1]

Before When Denis and I moved to South Australia three years ago we were based in the Barossa Valley. Soon after arriving I quickly spotted this adorable 1950s home on the hill in Angaston. I said to Denis, if ever that house is on the market WE MUST BUY IT! Then one day when doing a drive by the home I noticed a bit of renovation activity going on. I thought to myself, I didn’t see that advertised!! What’s going on…Sad face! Having said that, I was pleased to see that the  ...

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Dreams Turn into Rubble

It Begins The jaws go straight in… No mercy… Dreams turned to rubble. The sun was shinning, but there seemed to be a grey cloud hovering over my street today. Sadly the house 2 doors down from us was demolished. I walked past a couple of times to take the photos above, and felt an overwhelming sense of sadness coming from the remains of this home. It is amazing to think that this lovely home was once someone’s life dream, would have probably taken months to build, and yet  ...

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2/4/2011 the day we bought our dream Retro Abode at Auction. A nail biting experience, but in the end it was meant to be. We were happy and lucky to meet the previous owner Cyril who has now started a new chapter in his life in an old folks home. An absolute sweetheart… I just wanted to give him heaps of cuddles but thought that may seem weird! He was happy to meet us too, knowing our plans and love for his home of 50 years. Might have to frame this one to pop up on the wall when we  ...

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Our 1960s Abode?

Denis and I are currently looking at a property to buy in Largs North South Australia 200m from the beach! Built in 1960, this property has been owned by the same family for over 50 years! Today we found out that our home loan was approved, so the next step is to have the property inspected by a builder on Monday. I am trying not to get too excited about the whole prospect of this property being ours, but I have already drawn up modifications to the floor plan – I just couldn’t  ...

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